Shaky Facts Causes Gaps

Gordon Hoekstra’s article in the February 2nd Vancouver Sun entitled: “U.S. expert warns B.C. of potential earthquake risk to wood-frame homes” would lead many to believe that British Columbia’s wood-frame housing stock is at significant risk of collapsing into the Pacific. In this article, Peter Yanev, founder of EQE Consulting, states: “…unprecedented destruction of wood-frame…

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Wood Industry Stands by Safety of Mid-Rise Construction

Cement Industry takes ‘cheap’ shot for fear of losing market share Ottawa, ON, August 21st, 2014 – It’s a fact; wood-frame construction has been the preferential construction option for millions of homeowners throughout North America for decades. From the historical days when settlers relied on the bounty of the land for their shelter and food,…

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Greenpeace Supports Ontario Move to Allow Six-Storey Wood Buildings

Read what blogger Shane Moffat has to say here.

“Greenpeace encourages the government to further support value-added industries in the Boreal Forest, while preserving the tremendous ecological value of Ontario’s Boreal Forest for the future.”

Ad Campaign Doesn’t Tell a True Story

A recent ad campaign from the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association linked infrequent instances of failed city water infrastructure to the risk of fire spread in buildings in general, and to life safety in mid- and tall-wood buildings in particular.